Test-Search for Fast radio bursts with Chinese radio telescopes

I am Mutsumi Sugizaki, came from Kanagawa prefecture of Japan, located at the southern part of Kanto area (suburb of Tokyo). My hometown, Odawara, is an old-castle city at the bottom of Mt. Hakone, which is famous for volcano, hot springs, and beautiful landscape of Mt. Fuji. In October 2019, I joined the Einstein-Probe (EP) mission team led by Prof. WeiminYuan at National Astronomical Observatories of CAS (NAOC).


I have been working on observations of high-energy astronomical objects, in particular, blackholesand neutronstars in binary systems, using X-ray/gamma-ray satellites. When I started my research career as a graduate student in 1994, our Japanese X-ray group led the world with successful X-ray satellites launched every 5 years, Hakucho (1979-1985), Tenma (1983-1985), Ginga (1987-1991), and ASCA (1993-2000). During those periods, many foreign researchers visited Japan. Prof.WeiminYuan also came to Japan in those days when I met him for the first time.


At that time, I thought that our advantage would continue for more decades. However, the real story did not become like that. In 1999, the ASTRO-E satellite, to which I dedicate the entire 5-year period of my graduate student, was missed by the rocket trouble. It meant that we lost a lot of research opportunities.