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Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet

arrow Hotter and thicker Milky Way outskirts
arrow NAOC Researcher Elected as Head of a New IAU Inter-Commission WG
arrow The Stellar Initial Mass Function Variation in Spiral Galaxies
arrow EU Science Delegation Visit to FAST
Seminars & Colloquia
arrow Fast Radio Bursts: The Story So Far (NAOC colloquium_No.39/2016) (16.12.07)
arrow Star formation: major results from the Herschel Space Observatory (NAOC colloquium_No.38/2016) (16.11.30)
arrow Testing General Relativity with CMB and LSS data (NAOC colloquium_No.37/2016) (16.11.23)
arrow Planting seeds for gravitational wave generators around active galactic nuclei: Analog of planetary systems around ma... (16.11.16)
arrow Do Stars form by Gravitational Collapse? (NAOC colloquium_No.35/2016) (16.11.09)
arrow Turbulence and Magnetic Field in High-Beta Plasma of Intracluster Medium (NAOC colloquium_No.34/2016) (16.10.27)
Conferences & Workshops
arrow The 3rd WorldWide Telescope Guided Tour Contest Concluded in Beijing (17.06.14)
arrow 2nd Announcement for the IAU Symposium 323 (16.06.24)
arrow An Introduction to NOAO (16.04.29)
arrow Tracking the Evolution of Supernova 1987A and its Remnant (16.04.21)
arrow An Introduction to the Kodaikanal Digital Archive (16.04.19)
arrow The First RAA Excellent Paper Award Winner Visits NAOC (16.03.17)
International Cooperation News
arrow Director General of UN's Regional Center for Education Technology & Space Science for Western Asia visited NAOC (17.06.13)
arrow Visit of an Egyptian Delegation to NAOC (17.06.13)
arrow China-South Africa Bilateral Workshop on Radio Astronomy, Geodesy and Space Science Held in Guizhou (17.06.09)
arrow The China - Netherlands Workshop on Radio Astronomy was held in NAOC (17.05.02)
arrow Prof. En-ge Wang visits the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias of Spain (17.04.28)
arrow HRH Princess of Thailand visits FAST and Promotes China-Thailand Cooperation in Astronomy (17.04.28)
Research Progress
arrow Hotter and thicker Milky Way outskirts (17.06.21)
arrow Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet (17.05.22)
arrow The Stellar Initial Mass Function Variation in Spiral Galaxies (17.03.27)
arrow NAOC Researchers Found New Sources through the Data of Antarctic Survey Telescope AST3-1 (17.03.21)
arrow Origin of Mysterious X-ray Photon be Revealed by its Polarization (17.03.14)
arrow NAOC Scholars Published the First Large-Scale C2Hand N2H+ Maps of Star-Forming Interstellar Clouds (17.03.08)
New Developments in RAA
arrow Stellar populations in star clusters (16.12.01)
arrow Determining proportions of lunar crater populations by fitting crater size distribution (16.12.01)
arrow Millimeter observations of organic molecules toward high-mass star formation region G34.26+0.15 (16.12.01)
arrow Preliminary results of CCD observations targeting Himalia acquired at Yunnan Observatories in 2015 (16.12.01)
arrow First light for the sodium laser guide star adaptive optics system on the Lijiang 1.8 m telescope (16.12.01)
arrow An application of the k-th nearest neighbor method to open cluster membership determination (16.12.01)
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