Changchun Observatory

The Changchun Observatory was founded in October 1957. It was first affiliated with the Purple Mountain Observatory and its primary mission was to track the world’s first artificial satellite launched by the former Soviet Union. It moved to Changchun’s Jingyuetan Lake West Hill in 1974 and became part of NAOC in April 2001. It has 54 employees as well as six graduate students.


Nowadays, the Changchun Observatory primarily conducts precise observation and precise orbit determination of artificial objects, as well as carries out fundamental research on satellite dynamics and astro-geodynamics. It has evolved into a professional scientific research station with multiple observation methods, capable of tracking various space targets. It has the Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) Research Laboratory, the Optical and GPS Observation Laboratories, the Orbital Theory Study Group etc.


In recent years, the Changchun Observatory has become more and more active in international cooperation. It has become a sister station of Australia’s O RRORAL SLR station. By taking advantage of its geographical location, atmospheric environment, observation equipment and tracking capabilities, it has become an important partner to surveying and mapping agencies and seismology research institutes.