Jingxiu Wang

Positions: Researcher/Professor
Academic Title: Astronomer/Professor
Mailing Address: Jingxiu Wang
Education and Career History
May 1987, Ph.D., Beijing Astronomical Observatory of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Since 1981, Scientific research in National Astronomical Observatories (Beijing Astronomical Observatory) . Full professor since 1992.
May 1983 – Oct. 1984, Visiting associate of California Institute of Technology, USA.
May – August 1996, Guest Professor of ISAS in Japan
2001-2005 Guest Professor of the Astronomy Department of Beijing University.
2005-2010 Honorary Professor of the Space and Climate Physics of University College London, UK.
Research Fields
Solar magnetism and activity –
Flux distribution and intrinsic properties of small-scale solar magnetic fields; Structure and evolution of  vector magnetic fields in  solar active regions, magnetic non-potentiality and topology complexity; Magneto-hydro-dynamical processes in solar activity; source region, initiation and geo-effectiveness of coronal mass ejections; global properties of solar activity.
Selected Publication
Magnetic Changes in the Course of the X7.1 Solar Flare on 2005 January 20 J. Wang, M. Zhao, G.Zhou, ApJ, 690(2009), 862
Solar Trans-equatorial Activity J. Wang, Y. Zhang,  G. Zhou, L.K. Harra,  D.R. Williams, Y. Jiang, Solar Phys. 244(2007), 75
Helicity patterns of coronal mass ejection-associated active regions J. Wang, G. Zhou, J. Zhang, ApJ, 615(2004), 1021
Minifilament eruption on the quiet Sun, I. Observations at the H-alpha central line J. Wang, W.Li, C.Y. Lee,  H. Wang, P.R. Goode, A. McAllister, S.F. Martin, ApJ, 530(2000), 1071
Vector magnetic field and magnetic activity on the Sun J. Wang Fund. Cosmic Phys. 20(1999), 251
Flares and the magnetic nonpotentiality J. Wang, Z. Shi, Wang, H., Y. Lu, ApJ, 456(1996), 861
A note on the evolution of magnetic helicity in active regions J. Wang, Solar Phys. 163(1996), 319
Flux distribution of solar intranetwork magnetic fields J. Wang, H. Wang, F. Tang, J.W. Lee, H. Zirin, Solar Phys., 160(1995), 277
Flare-associated magnetic changes in an active region Ⅱ. Flux emergence and cancellation J. Wang, Z. Shi, Solar Phys., 143(1993), 119
The smallest observable elements of magnetic flux J. Wang, H. Zirin, Z. Shi, Solar Phys. 98(1985), 241