Yulei Qiu

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Yulei Qiu
Education and Career History

1983, BS, Nankai University, China

1989, MS, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1998, PhD, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1999-2000, Associated Research Scientist in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

2000-present, Research Scientist in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

2015-present, Instrument PI of the Chinese-French joint Project SVOM

Research Fields

Supernova survey and observations, optical observations for Gamma-ray Bursts, space optical telescope, optical data processing onboard and on ground.


Discoveries of more than 40 supernovae; observations and study of supernovae and Gamma-ray bursts; proposed the Visible Telescope(VT) for SVOM Mission and be the VT Principal Investigator. 

Selected Publication

A fast onboard star-extraction algorithm optimized for the SVOM Visible Telescope

Wang, Tianzhou; Qiu, Yulei; Cai, Hongbo; Deng, Jingsong, 2010 SCPMA, 53, 51

GRB 070518: a gamma-ray burst with optically dim luminosity

 Xin, L. P.; Zheng, W. K.; Wang, J.; Deng, J. S.; Urata, Y.; Qiu, Y. L.; Huang, K. Y.; Hu, J. Y.; Wei, J. Y.  2010 MNRAS 401, 2005

A GRB Follow-up System at the Xinglong Observatory and Detection of the High-Redshift GRB 060927

Zheng, Wei-Kang; Deng, Jin-Song; Zhai, Meng; Xin, Li-Ping; Qiu, Yu-Lei; Wang, Jing; Lu, Xiao-Meng; Wei, Jian-Yan; Hu, Jing-Yao,  2008 ChJAA 8, 693

A Multiband Study of the Optically Dark GRB 051028 

Urata, Yuji; Huang, Kui-Yun; Kuo, Ping-Hung; Ip, Wing-Huen; Qiu, Yulei; Masuno, Keisuke; Tashiro, Makoto; et al.  2007 PASJ, 59, 29

Very Early Multicolor Observations of the Plateau Phase of the GRB 041006 Afterglow

Urata, Y.; Huang, K. Y.; Qiu, Y. L.; Hu, J.; Kuo, P. H.; Tamagawa, T.; Ip, W. H.;  2007 ApJ, 655, 81

Spectrum Analysis of the Type IB Supernova SN 1999DN: Probable Identifications of C II and Hα

Deng, J. S.; Qiu, Y. L.; Hu, J. Y.; Hatano, K.; Branch, D.  2000 ApJ, 540, 452

The Rise Time of Nearby Type IA Supernovae Riess, Adam G.; Filippenko, Alexei V.; Li, Weidong; Treffers, Richard R.; Schmidt, Brian P.; Qiu, Yulei; Hu, Jingyao; Armstrong, Mark; Faranda, Chuck; Thouvenot, Eric; Buil, Christian 1999 AJ 118, 2675

The Type IA Supernova 1997BR in ESO 576-G40 Li, W. D.; Qiu, Y. L.; Qiao, Q. Y.; Zhu, X. H.; Hu, J. Y.; Richmond, M. W.; Filippenko, A. V.; Treffers, R. R.; Peng, C. Y.; Leonard, D. C.  1999 AJ, 117, 2709

The Study of a Type IIB Supernova: SN 1996CB Qiu, Yulei; Li, Weidong; Qiao, Qiyuan; Hu, Jingyao  1999 AJ, 117, 736