Wenbai Zhu

Positions: Researcher/Professor
Academic Title: Astronomer/Professor
Mailing Address: Wenbai Zhu
Education and Career History
Sep 1989 ---- July 1993,
Beijing Normal University, Astronomy department, Beijing, China
  Bachelor’s degree in Astronomy
Sep 1993 ---- July 1996,
    Beijing Normal University, Astronomy department, Beijing, China
    Master’s degree in Astrophysics
Mar 2000 ---- 2006
National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  PHD degree in radio Astronomy
Research Fields
Wenbai ZHU joined FAST Laboratory at NAOC in 1999, researched on kinematics planning, measurement and feed suspension for FAST., He was a joint principle investigator in one of the first Innovative Key Projects of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) “Preparatory study on FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope)” during 1999-2001, and one of the Innovative Directive Projects “Optimizing key technologies of FAST” during 2002-2005. He is a joint principle investigator in the NSFC Key Project “Overall design and key technologies of FAST” during 2005-2008. He participated building and experiments of scaled models on main reflector in Shanghai in 2001, feed suspension in Xi’an in 2002, feed suspension in Beijing in 2003 and Miyun 50 meter FAST model in 2004-2007. Now he is a head of relative technique studies on feed suspension system.
Selected Publication
 1、Feedback Control of a Cable-driven Gough-Stewart Platform. Lu Yingjie, Zhu Wenbai, and Ren Gexue 
2006 IEEE Transaction on Robotics ..22..198L
2、Modeling of A Feed Support System for FAST
   Zhu, Wenbai; Nan, Rendong; Ren, Gexue  2005 ExA....17..177Z
3、Adaptive Cable-mesh Reflector for the FAST
   Nan, Rendong; Ren, Gexue; Zhu, Wenbai; Lu, Yingjie  2003AcASn..44S..13N
4、Eight Miyun radio sources identified as BL Lac objects and quasars.Zhang, X.-Z.; Zhu, W.-B.; Wei, J.-Y.; Hu, J.-Y.; Ma, Z.-G.  1998 AcApS..18..453Z
5、Determination of the magnetic fields of five late-type stars. Zhu, Wen-Bai;  Liu, Xue-Fu.  1998 ChA&A..22..319Z