Aiying Zhou

Positions: Researcher/Professor
Academic Title: Astronomer/Professor
Mailing Address: Aiying Zhou
Education and Career History
1983.9 — 1990.6    Beijing Normal University, Dept. of Astronomy: Bachelor and Master degrees
1990.7 — 1994.9    Beijing Education College, Lecturer
1994.10—1998.4    Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China: PhD
1998.4 — present    National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China:  Research Professor
1997.7 — 2003.11   Studied and worked at Geneva Observatory, Switzerland. Learning the principle of ELODIE, a new fibre-fed echelle spectrograph together with Automatic On-line Spectroscopic Data Reduction; Participated in a radial velocity survey program of solar-like stars with ELODIE at Observatorie de Haute-Provence, France (Guided by Prof. Michel Mayor  and Dr. Didel Queloz); Worked in High Precision Photometry of High-Amplitude $\delta$ Scuti Stars (data reduction and mode identification), with the group headed by Dr. Eloy Rodriguez, Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia, CSIC, Granada, Spain; Worked in Stellar Tomography through the Least-Squares Deconvolution Implemented in the Doppler Imaging Program `DoTs' and Its Applications to Exoplanets Search with Prof. Dr. Andrew  Collier Cameron, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of St Andrews, UK; Worked in CCD Photometer System with Michel Chevreton, Observatorie de Paris, Meudon, France;
Worked in CCD Photometry of Star Clusters with Prof. Chris Sterken, Astron. Group, Univ. of Brussels, Belgium.
2004.1 — 2004.8      CCD photometry of Star Clusters:  Data reduction, analysis, and interpretation, Postdoctoral Fellow,  Univ. of Brussels, Belgium.
2004.8 — 2006.8      Asteroseismology of subdwarf B pulsators: Observations, data reduction, analysis, and interpretation. Postdoctor Research Associate. Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri, USA.
Research Fields
 My research field is stellar physics. Since 1996 I have been working in the field of photometry of pulsating variable stars of various types such as delta Scuti, SX Phoenicis, gammar Doradus, Subdwarf B, white dwarf, etc. In collaborating with several observational astrophysicists and groups from Spain, France, America etc., I have done a lots of photometry campaigns for the purpose of applying asteroseismic tools to probe the interior of stars.  I even played a crucial role in detecting a Neptune-like extra-solar planet, which is identified through gravitational micro-lensing technique for the first time in the world. My interests actually are extended to be the observational studies of various kinds of short-time scale variability in stars.  As of the end of year 2008, I have published 79 papers in international journals including MNRAS, AJ, A&A etc., of which 17 ‘SCI- papers’ were written by me as the first author, three of them are excellent papers recognized by our institute. My publication has been cited by other authors for more than 530 times, and the citation ‘SCI-papers’  without me in authors list amounted to 189 by that time. Several works were cited by the famous annual review, Astrophysics in 1999, 2000 & 2004, PASP.  In 2008, I was assigned to be the vice chief of the National Astronomical Observatories – Guizhou University Center for Astronomy, and began to take an accociate position in the National Big Science Project FAST’s administration office.
Selected Publication
 1. Microlens OGLE-2005-BLG-169 Implies Cool Neptune-Like Planets are Common   Gould A., Udalski A., An D., Bennett D.P.,  Zhou A.-Y., Dong S., et al (total 36 ), 2006, ApJL, 644, p.37 (astro-ph/0604)
2. Resolving the pulsations of the subdwarf B star KPD 2109+4401    Zhou A.-Y.,  et al. (total 36 ), 2006, MNRAS, 367, p.179
3. Monoperiodic $\delta$ Scuti star UY Camelopardalis:
an analogue to SX Phe and RR Lyr-type variables     Zhou A.-Y. & Liu Z.-L., 2003, AJ, 126, p.2462
4. A comprehensive study of the $\delta$ Scuti star AN Lyncis     Zhou A.-Y., 2002, A&A, 385, p.503
5. Non-radial pulsation of the $\delta$ Scuti star UV Trianguli     Zhou A.-Y., et al (total 3 ), 2002, MNRAS, 336, p.73
6. Period and amplitude variations in the high-amplitude $\delta$ Scutistar AE UMa     Zhou A.-Y.,  2001, A&A, 374, p.235
7. Multiperiodic nonradial pulsation of the $\delta$ Scuti Star V1821 Cygni     Zhou A.-Y., et al (total 3), 2001, A&A, 371, p.233
8. Photometric properties of the $\delta$ Scuti star BR Cancri     Zhou A.-Y.,  et al. (total 4 ), 2001, MNRAS, 323, p.923
9. Multiperiodicity and physical nature of the $\delta$ Scuti star GSC 2683-3076     Zhou A.-Y.,  et al (total 4 ), 2001, MNRAS, 326, p.317
10. Multiple frequency analysis of the large-amplitude SX Phoenicis starBL Camelopardalis    Zhou A.-Y., et al (total 5 ), 1999, MNRAS, 308, p.631