Hong Wu

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Hong Wu
Education and Career History

1991, BS, Nanjing University, China

1996, PhD, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, CAS

1996-2000, assistant Researcher Scientist, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, CAS

2000-2002, Asocciate Researcher, Natiional Astronomical Observatories, CAS

2002- present, Reseacher, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC)

2012-present, Team leader of research group on infrared astronomy, NAOC
Research Fields
The optical and infrared properties of nearby galaxies, infrared luminous galaxies and quasars, low surface brightness galaxies, by using international infrared facilities, LAMOST and FAST

We first give the formula to calculate the infrared luminosity and stellar mass of galaxies by using Spitzer mid-infrared (Spitzer 8/24mu and 3.6/4.5mu) luminosities.. We also point out that submm band is not good to estimate the star formation rate..

Recently we construct a large sample of Low surface brightness galaxies(LSBGs), analyzing the their properties and exploring the reason of their low star formation efficiency.

Selected Publication

1, PAH and Mid-Infrared Luminosities as Measures of Star Formation Rate in Spitzer First Look Survey Galaxies, Wu, Hong; et al., 2005, ApJ, 632, L79

2, Optical and Near-Infrared Color Profiles in Nearby Early-Type Galaxies and the Implied Age and Metallicity Gradients, Wu, Hong; Shao, Zhengyi; Mo, H. J.; Xia, Xiaoyang; Deng, Zugan, 2005, ApJ, 622,244

3, Intermediate-Band Surface Photometry of the Edge-on Galaxy NGC 4565, Wu, Hong; et al., 2002, AJ, 123, 1364

4, The Nature of Ultraluminous X-Ray Sources in NGC 4565, Wu, H.; Xue, S. J.; Xia, X. Y.; Deng, Z. G.; Mao, S., 2002, ApJ, 576, 738

5, A statistical study of the spectra of very luminous IRAS galaxies. II. Spectral and environmental analysis, Wu, H.; Zou, Z. L.; Xia, X. Y.; Deng, Z. G., 1998, A&AS, 132, 181

6, A statistical study of the spectra of very luminous IRAS galaxies. I. Data, Wu, H.; Zou, Z. L.; Xia, X. Y.; Deng, Z. G., 1998, A&AS,, 127, 521

7, Effects of Metallicity and AGN Activity on the Mid-Infrared Dust Emission of Galaxies, Wu, Hong; Zhu, Yi-Nan; Cao, Chen; Qin, Bo, 2007, ApJ, 668, 87

8, Correlations between Mid-Infrared, Far-Infrared, Hα, and FUV Luminosities for Spitzer SWIRE Field Galaxies, Zhu, Yi-Nan; Wu, Hong; Cao, Chen; Li, Hai-Ning, 2008, ApJ, 686., 155

9, Stellar mass estimation based on IRAC photometry for Spitzer SWIRE-field galaxies, Zhu, Yi-Nan; Wu, Hong; Li, Hai-Ning; Cao, Chen, 2010, RAA, 10, 329

10, Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Selected from the 40% Sky Area of the ALFALFA H I Survey. I. Sample and Statistical Properties, Du, Wei; Wu, Hong; Lam, Man I.; Zhu, Yinan; Lei, Fengjie; Zhou, Zhimin, 2015, AJ, 149, 199