Daming Chen

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Daming Chen
Education and Career History

1988, BS, Northwest University, China

1993, MS, Fudan University, China

1996, PhD, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, China

1996-1998, Research Assistant, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS

1999-2001, Associate Professor, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS

2001-2010, Associate Professor, NAOC

2010-present, Professor, NAOC

2015-present, Professor, UCAS

Research Fields

Gravitational lensing

modified gravity

geometric algebra


We found the discrepancy between the observations of rotation curves and strong gravitational lensing.

Selected Publication

Baryon effects on the dark matter halos constrained from strong gravitational lensing, L. Wang, D.-M. Chen, R. Li, 2017, MNRAS, accepted, e-print (arXiv:1706.03324)

Contradiction between strong lensing statistics and a feedback solution to the cusp/core problem, D. –M. Chen, S. McGaugh, RAA, 2010, 10, 1215

f(R) gravity theories in the Palatini Formalism constrained from strong lensing,  X.-J. Yang, D.-M. Chen,  2009, MNRAS, 394, 1449

Strong lensing probability in TeVeS (tensor vector scalar) theory,  D..-M. Chen, 2008, JCAP, 01, 006

Strong lensing probability for testing TeVeS theory, D.-M. Chen, H. Zhao, 2006, ApJL, 650, L9

Nonsingular density profiles of dark matter halos and strong gravitational lensing, D.-M. Chen, 2005, ApJ, 629, 23

Flux-limited strong gravitational lensing and dark evergy, D.-M. Chen, 2004, A&A, 418, 387

Strong gravitational lensing and galactic bulges, D.-M. Chen, 2003, ApJL, 587, L55