Bin Yue

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Bin Yue
Education and Career History


2005 – 2012, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (studied at NAOC), Ph. D for Astrophysics

2001 – 2005, Department of Astronomy, Beijing Normal University, B.S. for Astronomy


2016 to date, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Reasearch Professor

2013 – 2016, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy, Postdoc

2012 – 2013, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Fields


21cm signal

first stars/first galaxies


We studied the constribution of high-z dwarf galaxies and first stars to the cosmic near-infrard background (CNIRB) by using numerical simulations, found that the these sources cannot account for the measured CNIRB flucutaitons level.

We proposed that direct colloapse black holes (DCBHs) may be the major sources of the observed CNIRB, and investigated the their formation. 

Selected Publication

(1)Yue Bin, Ferrara Andrea, Pacucci Fabio, Omukai Kayuzuki, Triggering the Formation of Direct Collapse Black Holes by Their Congeners, ApJ, 2017, 838(2), 17pp

(2) Yue Bin, Ferrara Andrea, Salvaterra Ruben, Xu Yidong, Chen Xuelei, Infrared background signatures of the first black holes, MNRAS, 2013, 443(2), 1556-1566

(3) Yue Bin, Ferrara Andrea, Salvaterra Ruben, Chen Xuelei, The contribution of high-redshift galaxies to the near-infrared background, MNRAS, 2013, 431(1), 383-393

(4) Castellano M., Yue B., Ferrara A., Merlin E., Fontana A., Amorín R., Grazian A., Mármol-Queralto E., Michaowski M. J., Mortlock A., Paris D.,  Parsa, S., Pilo S., Santini P., Constraints on Photoionization Feedback from Number Counts of Ultra-faint High-redshift Galaxies in the Frontier Fields, ApJ, 2016, 823(2), 40-45

(5) Ferrara A, Salvadori S, Yue B, Schleicher D, Initial mass function of intermediate-mass black hole seeds, MNRAS, 2014, 443(3), 2410-2425

(6) Xu Yidong, Yue Bin, Su Meng, Fan Zuhui, Chen Xuelei, An Analytical Model of the Large Neutral Regions during the Late Stage of Reionization, ApJ, 2014, 781(2), 97-111