Jiangtao Su

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Jiangtao Su
Education and Career History

1992, BS, Jilin Normal University, Siping, Jilin

1998, MS, Beijing Normal University, Beijing

2001, PhD, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

1996-1998, Physics teacher, Jilin oil-field experimental middle school, Songyuan, Jilin

2004-2006, Assistant Research Professor, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

2006- 2012, Associate Research Professor, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

2013-present, Research Professor, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS

Research Fields

Measurements of Solar magnetic fields, Sunspot oscillations, Coronal waves, small-scale solar eruptions


For 35 cm Solar Magnetic Field Telescope operating at Huairou Solar Observing Station (HSOS), we for the first time obtained the qualitative relationship between Faraday rotation and magnetic field strength;


For Solar Magnetism and Optics Monitoring System at HSOS, we qualitatively studied the crosstalk of Stokes I and V to Q and U and developed two methods to remove the effect of solar rotation on measurements of full-disk magnetic fields.


With 1.6 m New Solar Telescope operated at Big Bear Solar Observatory, we found fine structures of umbral wavefront trajectories organized in a manner much analogous to galaxy spiral-arm structures. Interestingly, one of them has 3 spiral arms first showing anti-clockwise rotations, then clockwise rotations.

Selected Publication

Local Twist and Current Helicity Distributions of Active Region NOAA 10930 J.T. Su, T. Sakurai, Y. Suematsu, M. Hagino, Y. Liu, 2009, ApJL, 697, 103

Imaging Observations of Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Solar Flare Loops with SDO/AIA J.T. Su, Y.D. Shen, Y. Liu, Y. Liu, X.J. Mao, ApJ, 755, 113

On a Coronal Blowout Jet: The First Observation of a Simultaneously Produced Bubble-like CME and a Jet-like CME in a Solar Event, Y.D. Shen, Y. Liu, J.T. Su, Y.Y. Deng, 2012, ApJ, 745, 164

Revision of Solar Spicule Classification Y.Z. Zhang, K. Shibata, J.X. Wang, X.J. Mao, T. Matsumoto, Y. Liu, J.T. ApJ, 750, 16

Observations of Oppositely Directed Umbral Wavefronts Rotating in Sunspots Obtained from the New Solar Telescope of BBSO J. T. Su, K.F. Ji, W. Cao, D. Banerjee, T.G. Priya, J.S. Zhao, X.Y. Bai, J. Chen, M. Zhang, H.S. Ji, ApJ, 817, 117

Interference of the Running Waves at Light Bridges of a Sunspot J. T. Su, K.F. Ji, D. Banerjee, W. Cao, T.G. Priya, J.S. Zhao, S.J. Yu, H.S. Ji, M. Zhang, ApJ, 816, 30