Jingwen Wu

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Jingwen Wu
Education and Career History

1998, BS, Peking University, China
2001, MS, Peking University, China
2006, PhD, University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A
2006-2010, SMA postdoctoral fellow, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, U.S.A
2010-2013, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Caltech/JPL, U.S.A
2013-2015, Assistant Researcher, UCLA, U.S.A
2015-present, Researcher, NAOC, China

Research Fields

Ultra-luminous galaxies and galaxy evolution; co-evolution of super massive black holes and host galaxies.
Galactic massive star formation; Connecting star formation from the Milky Way to distant galaxies.


Using NASA’s Wide-field infrared Survey explorer (WISE) to discover a new type of galaxies, naming them as Hot dust-obscured galaxies (Hot DOGs), which are the most luminous (obscured) galaxies in the universe, achiving one of the three WISE mission goals. Exploring the nature of these extreme Hot DOGs, which likely represent a special transitional phase in galaxy evolution.
Extending the dense gas version of the Kinnecutt-Schmidt (star formation) law from galaxy scales to the Galactic scales, with a series of large dense gas (HCN and CS) surveys on GMC clumps. Establishing a possible connection between star formation in the Milky Way to high-z galaxies.
Reveling the general existence of infall in massive star forming regions for the first time.

Selected Publication

Eddington-Limited Accretion in z~2 WISE-selected Hot, Dust-Obscured Galaxies, Wu, Jingwen, Jun, Hyunsung D., Assef, Roberto J. et al. 2017, ApJ, accepted.

The Most Luminous Galaxies Discovered by WISE, Tsai, Chao-Wei, Eisenhardt, Peter R. M., Wu, Jingwen et al. 2015, ApJ, 805, 90

Interferometric Follow-up of WISE Hyper-luminous Hot, Dust-obscured Galaxies, Wu, Jingwen, Bussmann, R. Shane, Tsai, Chao-Wei et al. 2014, ApJ, 793, 8

Submillimeter Follow-up of WISE-selected Hyperluminous Galaxies, Wu, Jingwen; Tsai, Chao-Wei; Sayers, Jack et al.  2012, ApJ, 756, 96

The Properties of Massive, Dense Clumps: Mapping Surveys of HCN and CS, Wu, Jingwen, Evans, Neal J., II, Shirley, Yancy L., Knez, Claudia. 2010, ApJS, 188, 313

Connecting Dense Gas Tracers of Star Formation in our Galaxy to High-z Star Formation, Wu, Jingwen, Evans, Neal J., II, Gao, Yu, Solomon, Philip M., Shirley, Yancy L., Vanden Bout, Paul A. 2005, ApJL, 635 173

Indications of Inflow Motions in Regions Forming Massive Stars, Wu Jingwen & Evans, Neal J., II. 2003, ApJL, 592, 79