Yan Gong

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Yan Gong
Education and Career History

2001-2005, BS, University of Jinan, China
2005-2010, PhD, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC), China
2010-2015, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, Irvine (UCI), USA
2015-present, Professor, NAOC, China

Research Fields

Dark matter and dark energy models, intensity mappings of atomic, molecular and 21cm emission lines, cosmic infrared background, cosmic large-scale structure, model constraint with observational data


In 2011, we first proposed to use molecular and fine structure lines to probe the epoch of reionization, and several planned and on-going projects are based on this work.
In 2012, we developed an intrahalo light model for galaxies, which can naturally explain the puzzle of the excess of near-IR background anisotropies.
In 2017, we suggested to observe the polarization of 3.5 keV emission line, which can test the axion-conversion hypothesis, and provide an effective way to verify the existence of axion particle (as a dark matter candidate).

Selected Publication

Testing the axion-conversion hypothesis of 3.5 keV emission with polarization, Yan Gong, Xuelei Chen and Hua Feng, Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 061101 (2017)
Intensity mapping of H-alpha, H-beta, [OII] and [OIII] lines at z<5, Yan Gong et al., ApJ, 835, 273 (2017)
Axion decay and anisotropy of near-IR extragalactic background light, Yan Gong, Asantha Cooray et al., ApJ, 825, 104 (2015).
Ultraviolet luminosity density of the universe during the epoch of reionization, Ketron Mitchell-Wynne, Asantha Cooray, Yan Gong et al., Nature Communications, 6, 7945 (2015).
On the origin of near-infrared extragalactic background light anisotropy, Michael Zemcov, Joseph Smidt, Toshiaki Arai, James Bock, Asantha Cooray, Yan Gong et al., Science, 346, 732-735 (2014).
Foreground contamination in Ly-alpha intensity mapping during the epoch of reionization, Yan Gong et al., ApJ, 785, 72 (2014).
The extragalactic background light from the measurements of the attenuation of high-energy gamma-ray spectrum, Yan Gong & Asantha Cooray, ApJL, 772, L12 (2013) .
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