Xiaobin Zhang

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Xiaobin Zhang
Education and Career History

1989, BS, Peking University;
1998, PhD, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
1998 to present: National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research Fields

Close binaries: structure, evolution and activities;
Open clusters, variables and blue stragglers;
Asteroseismology of eclipsing binaries.


1, The first theoretical approachfor the pulsational-orbital period relation of close binaries containing delta Sct stars.
2, The first simulation of formation and distribution of blue stragglers in open clusters;
3, Discovered and identified more 100 variable stars in open clusters;
4, Discovery of the flip-flop activity phenomenon in contact binaries.

Selected Publication

Multi-period g-mode Pulsations of a Pre-He-WD Star in the Eclipsing Binary KIC 9164561, Zhang, X. B.; Fu, J. N.; Li, Y.; Ren, A. B.; Luo, C. Q.  2016ApJ...821L..32Z
THE NATURE OF V392 ORI: A NEAR-CONTACT BINARY WITH A δ SCUTI-TYPE COMPONENT, Zhang X.B., Luo, Y.P., Wang, K., Luo, C.Q.,  2015AJ....150...37Z
Flip-flop Activity on the W UMa-type Binary System HH Uma, Wang, Kun; Zhang, Xiaobin; Deng, Licai; Luo, Changqing; Luo, Yangping; Zhang, Jun 2015ApJ...805...22W
Photometric Solution and Frequency Analysis of the oEA System EW Boo, Zhang, X. B.; Luo, Y. P.; Wang, K., 2015AJ....149...96Z
Photometric study of the pulsating, eclipsing binary OO Dra, Zhang X.B., Deng L., Tian J.F. et al.,  2014AJ....148..106Z
NSVS4484038, A CONTACT BINARY SYSTEM AT THE SHORT-PERIOD CUTOFF, Zhang, X. B.; Deng, L. C.; Wang, K.; Yan, Z. Z.; Tian, J. F.; Peng, Y. J.; Pan, Y.; Luo, Z. Q.; Sun, J. J.; Liu, Q. L.; and 2 coauthors  2014AJ....148...40Z
On the pulsational-orbital-period relation of eclipsing binaries with delta Sct components Zhang X.B., Luo C.Q., Fu J.N., 2013ApJ...777...77Z
A Probable Hybrid γ Dor-δ Scuti Variable Discovered in the Open Cluster NGC 2126, Zhang, X.B., Deng, L.C., Luo, C.Q.,  2012AJ....144..141Z
B-type variables in the young open cluster NGC457 Zhang, X.B., Luo C.Q., Fu J.N., 2012AJ....144...86Z
TX Cnc as a member of the Praesepe open cluster Zhang, X.B., Deng, L.C., Lu P.,  2009AJ....138..680Z
The physical nature of the short-period RS CVn system DV Psc Zhang, X. B.; Zhang, R. X. 2007MNRAS.382.1133Z
Photometric Study of AH Cancri, a W UMa-Type System in M67 Zhang, X. B.; Zhang, R. X.; Deng, L. 2005AJ....129..979Z
Long-term photometric study of the W UMa binary star V523 Cas Zhang, X. B.; Zhang, R. X.  2004MNRAS.347..307Z
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A CCD Photometric Survey of Variable Stars in the Field of NGC 188 Zhang, X. B.; Deng, L.; Tian, B.; Zhou, X. 2002AJ....123.1548Z
Long-term photometry of the near-contact detached binary GR Tauri Zhang, X. B.; Zhang, R. X.; Fang, M. J. 2002A&A...395..587Z
Photometry and spectroscopy of the RS CVn system sigma Geminorum. Zhang, X. B.; Zhang, R. X.,  1999A&AS..137..217Z