Qiao Wang

Positions: Associate Professor
Academic Title: Associate Professor
Mailing Address: Qiao Wang
Education and Career History
2016 – Present,Associate Professor, National Astronomical Observatories CAS, China
2013 – 2016,Research Associate, National Astronomical Observatories CAS, China
2011 – 2013,Postdoctoral, National Astronomical Observatories CAS, China
2005 – 2011, PhD,Peking University, China
2000 – 2004, BS, Liaoning University, China
Research Fields
Cosmological Simulation
Large Scale Structure
Selected Publication
Qiao Wang; Zongyan Cao; Liang Gao; Xuebin Chi; Chen Meng; Jie Wang; Long Wang, PHoToNS--A Parallel Heterogeneous and Threads oriented code for cosmological N-body simulation, RAA,2018, 18,62
Qiao Wang;Yougang Wang,Chao Liu,Shude Mao,R. J. Long, Torus models of the outer disc of the Milky Way using LAMOST survey data, MNRAS, 2017, 470(3): 2949
Qiao Wang;Hu Zhan,Mass-dependent Baryon Acoustic Oscillation Signal and Halo Bias, The Astrophysical Journal Letter, 2013, 768(2)27
Qiao Wang;Zuhui Fan,Simulation studies of dark energy clustering induced by the formation of dark matter halos, Physical Review D, 2012,8 : 300