Jiao Li

Positions: Postdoc
Academic Title: Doctor
Mailing Address: Jiao Li
Education and Career History

2020.3-present: Postdoc, 

National Astronomical Observations, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2013.9-2020.1: PhD in Astrophysics,

Yunnan Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Research Fields

Hypervelocity star, symbiotic star, Be star and binary distribution.

Selected Publication

1. Li J., Mikolajewska J., Chen X., Luo A., Rebassa-Mansergas A., Hou Y., Wang Y., Wu Y., Yang M., Zhang Y., Han Z. The first symbiotic stars from the LAMOST survey[J.] RAA, 2015, 15: 1332-1341.

2. Chen X., Maxted P., Li J., Han Z. The Formation of EL CVn-type Binaries[J.] MNRAS, 2017, 467: 1874-1889.

3. Meng X., Li J. Subdwarf B stars as possible surviving companions in Type Ia supernova remnants[J.] MNRAS, 2019, 482: 5651-5665.

4. Gao Y., Li J., Jia S. High-velocity runaway binaries from supernovae in triple systems[J.] MNRAS, 2019, 487: 3178-3182.

5. Li J., Jia S., Gao Y., Jiang D., Kupfer T., Heber U., Liu C., Chen X., Han Z. Three New Late-type Hypervelocity Star Candidates from Gaia DR2 with Refined Selection Criteria[J.] RAA, 2020, 20:3.

6. Li Z., Chen X., Chen H., Li J., Yu S., Han Z. Gravitational-wave Radiation of Double Degenerates with Extremely Low-mass White Dwarf Companions [J.] ApJ 2020, 893:2.

7. Meng X., Han Z., Podsiadlowski P., Li J. Blue Large-Amplitude Pulsators: the Possible Surviving Companions of Type Ia Supernovae submitted to ApJ