Fengshan Liu

Positions: research professor
Academic Title: professor
Mailing Address: Fengshan Liu
Education and Career History
2020.05-current: Research professor, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC)
2012.09-2014.08, Postdoctoral scholar/Visiting researcher, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA, USA
2008.07-2020.04, Associate professor, Shenyang Normal University, China
2004.09-2008.03, PhD, National Astronomical Observatories, CAS (NAOC)
Research Fields
Space-based astronomy and engineering (including HST, JWST, CSST, Euclid and RST); Observational extragalactic astronomy; Extragalactic surveys, datasets, and catalogs; Galaxy formation and evolution
Selected Publication

1. Jiang, Dongfei; Liu, F. S(*); Zheng, Xianzhong;Yesuf, Hassen M.;Koo, David C.;Faber, S. M.;Guo, Yicheng;Koekemoer, Anton M.;Wang, Weichen;Fang, Jerome J.;Barro, Guillermo;Jia, Meng;Tong, Wei;Liu, Lu;Meng, Xianmin;Kocevski, Dale;McGrath, Elizabeth J.;Hathi, Nimish P.  The IsophotalStructure of Star-forming Galaxies at 0.5 < z < 1.8 in CANDELS:Implications for the Evolution of Galaxy Structure, The Astrophysical Journal,Volume 854, Issue 1, article id. 70, 16 pp. (2018).


2. Liu, F. S(*); Jia, Meng;Yesuf, Hassen M.;Faber, S. M.;Koo, David C.;Guo, Yicheng;Bell, Eric F.;Jiang, Dongfei;Wang, Weichen;Koekemoer, Anton M.;Zheng, Xianzhong;Fang, Jerome J.;Barro, Guillermo;Pérez-González, Pablo G.;Dekel, Avishai;Kocevski, Dale;Hathi, Nimish P.;Croton, Darren;Huertas-Company, M.;Meng, Xianmin;Tong, Wei;Liu, Lu  On the Transition ofthe Galaxy Quenching Mode at 0.5


3. Liu, F. S.(*); Jiang, Dongfei;Faber, S. M.;Koo, David C.;Yesuf, Hassen M.;Tacchella, Sandro;Mao, Shude; Wang, Weichen;Guo, Yicheng; Fang, Jerome J.;Barro, Guillermo;Zheng, Xianzhong;Jia, Meng; Tong, Wei; Liu, Lu; Meng, Xianmin.  The Origins of UV-optical Color Gradients inStar-forming Galaxies at z ? 2: Predominant Dust Gradients but Negligible sSFRGradients, The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 844, Issue 1, articleid. L2, 8 pp. (2017).


4. Liu, F. S(*).; Jiang, Dongfei;Guo, Yicheng; Koo, David C.;Faber, S. M.;Zheng, Xianzhong;Yesuf, Hassen M.;Barro, Guillermo;Li, Yao; Li, Dingpeng; Wang, Weichen;Mao, Shude; Fang, Jerome J.The UV-Optical Color Gradients in Star-forming Galaxies at 0.5 < z < 1.5:Origins and Link to Galaxy Assembly, The Astrophysical Journal Letters,Volume 822, Issue 2, article id. L25, 7 pp. (2016).


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9. Wen, Z. L(*).; Han, J. L.(*); Liu, F. S.(*) Galaxy Clusters Identified from the SDSS DR6 andTheir Properties, The

Astrophysical Journal Supplement, Volume 183, Issue 2, pp.197-213 (2009). ( an updated version: 2012, ApJS, 199, 34 )


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