Juanjuan Ren

Positions: associate professor
Academic Title: associate professor
Mailing Address: Juanjuan Ren
Education and Career History
2019-Present, Associate Professor, NAOC
2016-2018, Assistant Professor, NAOC
2014-2016, Postdoc, Peking University
2014, Ph.D., University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2008, B.S., Wuhan University
Research Fields
White dwarf binaries; Galactic Nebulae; Observational Astrophysics; High resolution spectroscopy; High precision multi-wavelength photometry
Selected Publication

1. Ren, J. -J.; Raddi, R.; Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; et al., The white dwarf binary pathways survey V. The Gaia white dwarf plus AFGK binary sample and the identification of 23 close binaries,  2020ApJ...905...38R
2. Ren, Juan-Juan; Wu, Hong; Wu, Chao-Jian; Zhang, Wei;; et al., On the radial velocity calibrations in the LAMOST Medium-Resolution Spectroscopic Survey of Nebulae, 2020, RAA, accepted
3. Ren, J. -J.; Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Parsons, S. G., et al., White dwarf-main sequence binaries from LAMOST: the DR5 catalogue, 2018MNRAS.477.4641R
4.Ren, Juan-Juan; Liu, Xiao-Wei; Chen, Bing-Qiu; et al., Mapping the emission line strengths and kinematics of supernova remnant S147 with extensive LAMOST spectroscopic observations, 2018RAA....18..111R
5. Ren, Juan-Juan; Liu, Xiao-Wei; Xiang, Mao-Sheng; et al., On the LSP3 estimates of surface gravity for LAMOST-Kepler stars with asteroseismic measurements, 2016RAA....16...45R
6. Ren, J. J.; Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Luo, A. L.; et al., White dwarf-main sequence binaries from LAMOST: the DR1 catalogue, 2014A&A...570A.107R
7. Ren, Juanjuan; Luo, Ali; Li, Yinbi; et al., White-dwarf-Main-sequence Binaries Identified from the LAMOST Pilot Survey, 2013AJ....146...82R
8. Wu, Chao-Jian; Wu, Hong; Zhang, Wei; Ren, Juan-Juan; et al, LAMOST Medium-Resolution Spectral Survey of Galactic Nebula (LAMOST MRS-N): An overview of Scientific goals and Survey plan, 2020, RAA, accepted
9. Fan, Zhou; Chen, Bingqiu; Pang, Xiaoying; Ren, Juanjuan; et al., Comparisons of Different Fitting Methods for the Physical Parameters of A Star Cluster Sample of M33 with Spectroscopy and Photometry, 2020, ApJS, accepted
10. Rebassa-Mansergas, Alberto; Parsons, Steven G.; Dhillon, Vikram S.; Ren, Juanjuan; et al., Accurate mass and radius determinations of a cool subdwarf in an eclipsing binary, 2019NatAs...3..553R
11. Zhao, Yong; Fan, Zhou; Ren, Juan-Juan; et al., Investigating the efficiency of the Beijing Faint Object Spectrograph and Camera (BFOSC) of the Xinglong 2.16-m reflector, 2018RAA....18..110Z
12. Wang, C.; Liu, X. -W.; Huang, Y.; Xiang, M. -S.; Ren, J. -J.; Yuan, H. -B.; et al, LEMONY - a library of empirical medium-resolution spectra by observations with the NAOC Xinglong 2.16-m and YNAO Gaomeigu 2.4-m telescopes, 2018MNRAS.480.4766W
13. Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Ren, J. J.; Irawati, P.; et al., The white dwarf binary pathways survey - II. Radial velocities of 1453 FGK stars with white dwarf companions from LAMOST DR 4, 2017MNRAS.472.4193R
14. Chen, B. -Q.; Liu, X. -W.; Ren, J. -J.; et al., Mapping the three-dimensional dust extinction towards the supernova remnant S147 - the S147 dust cloud, 2017MNRAS.472.3924C
15. Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Ren, J. J.; Parsons, S. G.; et al., The SDSS spectroscopic catalogue of white dwarf-main-sequence binaries: new identifications from DR 9-12, 2016MNRAS.458.3808R
16. Du, Peng; Ren, JuanJuan; Pan, JingChang, Luo, Ali, New cross-matching algorithm in large-scale catalogs with ThreadPool technique, 2014SCPMA..57..577D
17. Li, Yinbi; Luo, Ali; Zhao, Gang; Lu, Youjun; Ren, Juanjuan; Zuo, Fang, Metal-poor Hypervelocity Star Candidates from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, 2012ApJ...744L..24L