Jinsong Ping

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Jinsong Ping
Education and Career History

    1993/09-1996/06, SHAO/CAS, Ph.D candidate of astrometry

    1990/09-1993/08, SHAO/CAS, Master student of astrometry

    1986/09-1990/06, Beijing Normal University, student of astronomy


  2012/05 – NAOC/CAS, Researcher

  2004/06-2012/04, SHAO/CAS, Researcher

  1999/10-2005/03, NAOJ, Researcher

  1998/07 – 2002/02, Beijing Normal University, associate professor

  1996/07– 1999/06, Beijing Normal University, lecturer

Research Fields

Physics and dynamics for Moons and Planets
Radio Astrometry

Modeling the ionospheres for the Earth and the Mars

Selected Publication

The Chang'E-1 orbiter plays a distinctive role in China's first successful selenodetic lunar mission, J. Ping, X. Su, Q. Huang, J. Yan, Science China: Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 54(12), pp 2130, 2011Chang'E-1 orbiter discovers a lunar nearside volcano: YUTU Mountain, J. Ping, Q. Huang, X. Su, G. Tang, R. Shu, L. Xiao, J. Huang, Chinese Science Bulletin, 54(23), 4534, 2011