Chenzhou Cui

Positions: PI of Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO)
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Chenzhou Cui
Education and Career History

Ph.D. in Astronomical Techniques and Methods, NAOC, Beijing, 2003.6

Concentrations: Virtual Observatory, Grid Technology, Web Services, Scientific Databases

Thesis: System Design of Chinese Virtual Observatory

Advisor: Prof. Yongheng ZHAO

M.Sc. in Astrophysics, Beijing Astronomical Observatory, Beijing, 2000.6

Concentrations: Astronmical Databasese, Galactic Abundances

Thesis: Setup of SAGE Astronomical Database and Statistical Analyses of Galactic Abundances

Advisor: Prof. Gang ZHAO

B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin, 1997.6

Director (associated professor then professor), Center of Information and Computing, NAOC, 2009.1-l  

Lead (associated professor), Center of Information and Computing, NAOC, 2006.1-2008.12l

Researcher (lecture then associate professor), LAMOST, NAOC, 2003.7 – 2005.12

Research Fields

Astro-Informatics, Virtual Observatory, Data-Driven Education and Public Outreach, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Grid Technology, Astronomical Databases, Astronomical Data Center, Data Processing and Analysis, Galactic Structure and Evolution, Stellar Abundance


  Outstanding Contribution Award of Astronomy, Chinese Astronomical Society, Nanjing, 2012

  Advanced Individual, China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies, Beijing, 2010

  Nova in Science & Technology, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing, 2007

  Astronomical Education Award, Chinese Astronomical Society, Shanghai, 2006

  Director Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, 2004

  Astronomical Education Award, Beijing Astronomical Society, Beijing, 2002

  Graduate Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2002

  Yongling LIU Scholarship, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2000

  Virtual Observatory: AstroCloud, e-Science Excellent Case, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2015

  Virtual Observatory, e-Science Excellent Case, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2010

  CosmoStation, Consolation prize of "Excellent EPO Website Contest", Internet Society of China, Beijing, 2005


Selected Publication

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