Deng Yuanyong

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Deng Yuanyong
Education and Career History

 09/93---02/97 Ph.D., Astrophysics, Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO)
 09/88---10/91 M. S., Astrophysics, BAO
 09/84---07/88 B. S., Astrophysics, Beijing (Peking) University
*******: The BAO has been renamed as National Astronomical Observatories (NAOC) since 2001

 01/10-present, Director of Huairou Solar Observing Station, NAOC
 03/99-present, Professor, Chief Engineer of Huairou Solar Observing Station, NAOC
 09/98-02/99, associate professor, BAO
 10/93-08/98, assistant professor, BAO

Research Fields

Solar Physics
Method and Technology for Astronomical Instruments

Selected Publication

“The Chinese Giant Solar Telescope (CGST)”,Deng Yuanyong & Liu Zhong, ASP Conference Proceedings, 2012,463,405

“Progress in Space Solar Telescope”,Deng Yuanyong,Zhang Hongqi,Science in China Series G: Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy,2009,52,1655-1659 SCI

"The detection of ""magnetic element""-Why we need a one-meter Space Solar Telescope"",Deng Yuanyong,Wang Jingxiu,Ai Guoxiang,Advances in Space Research,2009,43,365-368

“Spectrophotometric analysis of Ellerman Bombs in the CaII, H_alpha and UV range”, E. Pariat, B. Schmierder, A. Berlicki, Y. Deng, N. Mein, A. Lopez Ariste, S. Wang, A&A, 473, 2007, pp.279-289

“The Influence of Faraday Rotation on the Vertical Electric Current Density”, Su, J. T.; Zhang, H. Q.; Deng, Y. Y.; Mao, X. J.; Gao, Y.; Lin, G. H., 2006,  ApJ, 649L, 141

“Reevaluation of the Magnetic Structure and Evolution Associated with the Bastille Day Flare on 2000 July 14”, Wang, Haimin; Liu, Chang; Deng, Yuanyong; Zhang, Hongqi, ApJ, 2005, 627, pp. 1031-1039

“Filament activation and magnetic reconnection”, Deng Yuanyong; Lin, Yong; Schmieder Brigitte; Engvold, O., Solar Physics, 2002, 209, 153-170

"Evolution of Magnetic Nonpotentiality in NOAA AR9077" Deng Y. Y., Wang J. X., Yan Y. H., Zhang J., Solar Physics, 2001, 204,13-28

“Evolution versus time of an Arch Filament System observed with the SVST and TRACE”, Deng Y. Y., Schmieder B., Engvold O., DeLuca E., Solar Phys., 2000, 195, 347-366

“High Latitude Solar Rotation Traced by Magnetic Element”, Y. Y. Deng, J. X. Wang, J. Harvey, Solar Phys., 1999, 186, 13-23