Yihua Yan

Positions: Professor
Academic Title: Professor
Mailing Address: Yihua Yan
Education and Career History

1982-07, Obtained B. Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian, China
1985-05, Obtained M. Eng degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xian, China
1990-01, Obtained Ph.D degree in Dalian University of Technology, China.
1990-1992, Postdoctoral fellow at Beijing Astronomical Observatory (BAO), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from May 1990 to Oct. 1992.
1992.11-1999.3, Associate Professor at BAO during Nov. 1992- March 1999.
1995-1996, Foreign Research Fellow at National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
1996.7-1997.8, Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Astronomical Institute, Wuerzburg University, Germany.
1999.3-present, Professor, Head of Solar Radio Group and assistant of Director in National Astronomical Observatories, CAS.


Research Fields

 1. Solar physics
 2. Astronomical instruments and methods


First introduced Boundary Element Method to Solar Physics research. Published  more than 100 research papers.
The proposed boundary integral method for nonlinear solar magnetic fields has been introduced in several text books, e.g., as a sub-section in “Physics of the Solar Corona - An Introduction” published by Springer-Verlag in 2004 written by Dr. M. Aschwanden.
As a main contributor awarded CAS Natural Science 1st rank Prize in 2001, Science and Technology 1st rank Prize of Beijing Municipality in 2002 and National Natural Science 2nd rank Prize in 2002;
obtained National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2002;
selected as a National Candidate for New Century’s Qualified Personnel Engineering in 2004.

Selected Publication

1.Yan Yihua & Tan Baolin, Solar radio astronomy and plasma non-thermal processes in solar atmosphere, BCAS, 2011, 25, No.3, 202
2.Yan Yihua, Huang Jing, Chen Bin, Liu Yuying, Tan Chengming, 2010, Radio fine structures in dm–cm wavelength range associated with magnetic reconnection processes, Adv. Space Res., 2010, 46, 413-418
3.Yan Yihua, Zhang Jian, Wang Wei, Liu Fei, Chen Zhijun, Ji Guoshu, The Chinese Spectral Radioheliograph - CSRH, Earth Moon Planet, 2009, 104, 97
4.Yan Yihua, Huang Jing, Chen Bin, Diagnostics of radio fine structures around 3 GHz with Hinode Data in the impulsive phase of an X3,4/4B flare event on 2006 December 13, PASJ, 2007, 59, 815
5.Yan Yihua, Li Z.H., Direct Boundary Integral Formulation for Solar Non-constant-alpha Force-free Magnetic Fields,  ApJ, 2006, 638,  1162.
6.Yan, Y.; Pick, M.; Wang, M.; Krucker, S.; Vourlidas, A Radio Burst and Its Associated CME on March 17, 2002, Solar Phys, 2006, 239, 277-292.
7.Yan, Y., On the Coronal Magnetic Field Configuration and Solar Flare/CME Process, Space Sci. Rev., 2005, 121, 213-221.
8.Yan, Y., Huang, G., Reconstructed 3-D Magnetic Field Structure and Hard X-Ray Two Ribbons for 2000 Bastille-Day Event, Space Sci. Rev., 2003, 107, 111-118.
9.Yan, Y., On the Appliction of the Boundary Element Method in Coronal Magnetic Field Reconstruction, Space Sci. Rev., 2003, 107, 119-138.
10.Yan Y., Liu Y., Akioka M., Wei F.S., The Magnetic Topological Structure and Energy of the 2B/X2 Flare in NOAA 8100, Solar Phys, 2001, 201, 337-355.
11.Yan Y., Deng Y., Karlicky M., Fu Q., Wang S., Liu Y., The Magnetic Rope Structure and Associated Energetic Processes in the 2000 July 14  Solar Flares, ApJ. Lett., 2001, 551, L115-L119.
12.Yan Y., Sakurai T., New boundary integral equation representation for finite energy force-free magnetic fields in open space above the Sun, Solar Phys., 2000, 195, 89-109.