Telescope Access Program (TAP)

The Telescope Access Program (TAP) provides all astronomers based in China access to medium- and large-aperture optical and infrared telescopes at internationally competitive observatories since 2011. TAP currently provides access to five telescopes: CFHT (3.6m), Palomar Hale (5.1m), MMT (6.5m), Magellan (2X6.5m), and the Automated Planet Finder (APF, 2.4m). Since 2014, TAP has expanded into submm (JCMT), radio (VLBI) and Solar (1.6m NST at Big Bear Solar Observatory). The main goals for TAP are:

1. To allow Chinese astronomers to lead cutting-edge optical/infrared observational programs;
2. Build a base of experienced optical/infrared observers in China;
3. Facilitate collaboration between astronomers within China, and between astronomers in China and user communities of telescopes participating in TAP;
4. Provide complementary observational facilities to ongoing large projects. We encourage all interested parties to form teams and develop programs. Proposals are accepted twice per year, in March and September.