Key Laboratory of Solar Activities, Chinese Academy of Sciences

CAS Key Laboratory of Solar Activity, National Astronomical Observatories (CAS-KLSA) is founded in 2008 December, the Lab Number is 2008DP173132. CAS-KLSA is composed of two research groups (Solar Magnetism & Activity Group and Solar Activity Prediction Center) and two observing stations (Huairou Solar Observing Station and Mingantu observing station). It has more than 100 staffs totally, including 16 professors (two Academicians of CAS, nine Ph.D. supervisor, four PIs of one-hundred talent program of CAS, four PIs of National outstanding youth fund of NSFC), 20 associated professors and 9 senior engineers. It has obtained large amount of funds to support scientific and equip mental research. In 2016, the total amount of scientific research funds exceeds 160 million RMB. About ten new funds are permitted for each year. It is the largest and most centralized community of solar physics research center in China and has comprehensive advantage on theory research –observing study- development of equipment.


CAS-KLSA is principally engaged in studying frontier issues of solar physics related with solar activities, developing new generation of solar telescope and new observing technique, forecasting of space weather to serve national great special project and national safety. The team has made a series of outstanding study on observation of solar vector magnetic field, theory of solar magnetic helicity, dynamics of solar flare and coronal mass ejection, theory of solar dynamo, solar radio bursts and dynamics of non-thermal electrons in solar activities, solar magnetic field exploration method, coronal heating, long term evolution and forecast of solar activities and other scientific problems. Based on the statistical analysis of published papers in international journal, the amount and cites of papers of CAS-KLSA are listed in top ten among all the international communities. From 2000 to 2012, both the amount and cites of scientific published papers of CAS-KLSA are listed as the first in China. Plenty of results have drawn extensive attention from international researchers and some staffs have achieved academic awards from international communities by outstanding study on solar physics. Some solar physicists in CAS-KLSA have taken up important position in international communities and institutes. CAS-KLSA has been famous group of solar physics research.


To improve the scientific level of CAS-KLSA, staffs are encouraged to organize and attend national and international meetings. More than 20 staffs visit international universities and institutes for each year, and more than 20 international researchers visit CAS-KLSA for joint study. CAS-KLSA has also established open program for national-international researches, which support the cooperative research related to solar activates.In additional, CAS-KLSA has actively carried out plenty of activities for popularizing scientific knowledge. More than 1000 people have visited Huairou Solar Observing Station and Mingantu observing station each year.