The Silk Road Project Team

The Silk Road Project Team is dedicated to computational studies of the evolution of planetary systems, star clusters, galaxies and galactic nuclei, black holes and gravitational wave emission. Our two main project nodes are Beijing, China (NAOC and KIAA) and Heidelberg, Germany (ZAH-ARI); we collaborate closely with institutions and colleagues from Kiev (Ukraine) and Almaty (Kazakhstan) and several other countries (e.g. Chile, Italy, UK, Pakistan, Austria...). We are dedicated to teach and promote the use of new supercomputing facilities in China and abroad.


Our Main Research Projects are:

· Binary Supermassive Black Holes and Gravitational Waves in Quiet and Active Galactic Nuclei

· Dynamical Evolution of Stars and Gas in Galactic Nuclei and Dense Star Clusters 

· How are planetary systems forming and evolving (in star clusters)? 

· How can we design supercomputers which are faster and consume less energy?


Numerical simulation on orbital evolution of three-body system


Gravitational waves radiated by binary black holes


Team leader Prof. Rainer Spurzem and the high-performance cluster