Dark Matter and Dark Energy Group

The program of our group focuses on three main subjects of astrophysics: the origin of the universe, dark matter model and dark energy model, radio astronomical observation. Dark matter and dark energy can not be directly detected, but we can study their nature by analyzing astronomical observation data. For example, we can study various astrophysical processes in the early universe by analyzing the signatures in the CMB (Cosmological Microwave Background) and LSS (Large Scale Structure), then we can constrain the parameters in the dark matter model and dark energy model. We also have interest in the formation of first generation of luminous objects and reionization. The research field of our group including numerical simulation, astronomical observation, data analysis and theoretical cosmology.


Currently, our major research programs are Tianlai and Discovering the Sky at Longest wavelength (DSL) projects. The primary goal of these projects is to measure the 21 cm signal from the universe. Tianlai also has great advantages in searching fast radio bursts (FRB), which are some mysterious and highly debating radio astronomical transients. Our group has cooperation with Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope and Square Kilometre Array collaborations.


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