Optical & IR Detector Laboratory for Astronomy

Responding to the requirements of the astronomical research which is intended to extend our understanding of the universe, the astronomical telescopes always take advantage of the top technologies to do the best to see into the unfathomable space as far as possible and get the images of the celestial objects as faint as possible. Therefore the requirements for their detectors have to go to the extremeness and usually for each individual equipment the detector is unique and not always procurable at market. The Optical & IR Detector Laboratory for Astronomy (OIDL) of NAOC is engaged in customed development of the astronomical detectors in UV, visible and IR bands. In the past years of OIDL, it provided services to the development, maintenance, testing and calibration of a number of detectors for the telescopes and astronomical equipment researches in NAOC. It is now focusing on the researches of the electronic systems for the large format detectors and has make progress in the ASIC developments for CCD controllers.