Optical Observation Techniques Group (OOTG)

Research fields: 
Our OOTG group is committed to the innovative research, application promotion and integration of science and education of optical astronomical observation technology. 

research directions:
1. Overall planning and demonstration of optical observation system and equipment;
2. Research on optical astronomical observation technology, high-precision photometric and spectroscopic detection methods;
3. Research and integration of intelligent and automated control technology for astronomical observation equipment;
4. Research on monitoring and control technology of astronomical observation environments and related equipment integration;
5. Research on the promotion and application of optical astronomical observation technology;
6. The integration of science and education based on astronomical observation technology, such as the planning and construction of astronomical observation facilities for universities and outreach organizations.

Faculty members: Jianfeng Wang, Huijuan Wang, Xiaoming Zhang, Taoran Li, Peng Qiu, Xianqun Zeng, Jingyuan Li, Bing Xia

Ph.D. students: Jiaqi Wang, Hui Zhi
 1-m reflected telescope

50-cm reflected telescope