The Solar Activity Forecasting Center

The Solar Activity Forecasting Center,founded in 1990, is affiliated to the Solar Physics Division of the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is a member of the International Space Environmental Service (ISES) and the headquarters of the Regional Warning Center of China (RWC-China). It has a long-term cooperative relationship with many space weather forecasting departments at home and abroad. The Mission is mainly engaged in short -, medium - and long-term forecasting of solar activities, providing space weather forecasting and support services for national space security, aerospace and other major missions. And it also provides solar activity forecasting services for 18 members of the Regional Warning Center. The main researches include: solar flare prediction, 3D reconstruction of CME, earth effectiveness prediction, solar activity cycle prediction and artificial intelligence-based prediction modelling. It has a strong superiority in solar activity numerical forecast and artificial intelligence-based forecast model.