X-ray Focusing Imaging Team

X-ray focusing imaging is one of the most important techniques in space astronomy observation, which is critical technology to study the spatial distribution of X-ray intensity and obtain high-sensitivity observation data. Established in 2010, the team focuses on soft X-ray focusing optics as well as focal plane detector, especially the low-cost highly compact X-ray focusing instruments with CMOS sensors. The team is one of the few in the world that master the Micro-pore Lobster-eye Optics. The team also involves in scientific objective studies as well as simulations of high-energy space instruments. The team equipped with test facilities of X-ray imaging instruments. Currently the team is responsible for the development of WXT on board Einstein Probe Mission, which is a satellite designed for soft X-ray all-sky focusing monitoring, with sensitivity much higher than currently operation missions.


Lobster-eye Module in assembling


CMOS Camera