Miyun Observatory

Miyun Ground Station, an astronomical observing base built since the 1960’s, is located in the Bulaotun Township to the northern bank of Miyun Reservoir.  It currently is equipped with two big radio telescopes, 50m and 40m diameter 
telescopes, working in S and X dual frequencies. New techniques have been developed, such as cryogenic receiver with low noise temperature, and telescope array data acquisition.     Miyun Ground Station is responsible for two important tasks in the Lunar and Mars Exploration Program: scientific downlink 
data receiving and VLBI joint observations. Additionally IPS monitoring in “Meridian Program ” is also carried out. 
Through the execution of Chinese lunar and Mars programs and continued construction, Miyun Ground Station has 
become a deep space station with the highest receiving capacity in our nation and of international renown.
                                     40m and 50m telescope
                                        40m telescope