Huairou Solar Observatory

Huairou Solar Observatory is one of the key observatories administered by NAOC. It was built in 1984 and is located on an island near the north bank of the Huairou reservoir, 60 km north of downtown Beijing. The main scientific objective of the observatory is to measure and study solar magnetic and velocity fields at various altitudes in the solar atmosphere.

The observatory is equipped with several advanced instruments. The main telescopes are as follows. The 35cm Solar Magnetic Field Telescope, the 60cm Solar Three-Channel Telescope, and the Monitor System of Solar Activity.


HSOS is also involved in promoting the next generation of big telescopes in China, which include the Chinese Giant Solar Telescope (CGST) and the Deep-space Solar Observatory (DSO).



Solar Magnetic Field Telescope


It includes the 35cm Solar Magnetic Field Telescope and the 60cm Solar Three-Channel Telescope.