GPU Supercomputer Laohu

The NAOC supercomputer Laohu (Tiger) is running with 85 nodes that were installed in 2010. It was one of the first GPU accelerated supercomputers in China, with two NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPUs per node. Its peak performance in 2010 was 170 Teraflop/s (SP) and 75 Teraflop/s (DP). At that time, it was among the 50 most powerful computers in the world. A research paper describing this effort was awarded the PRACE 2011 award (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe). In 2012 and 2013, the Laohu supercomputer was upgraded with a 100 Terabyte data storage facility and 64 new Kepler K20 GPU accelerators, increasing its performance by a factor of three. One of the tasks now for Laohu, managed by the Silk Road Project team, is to predict gravitational wave emission from supermassive black holes in high resolution models of galactic nuclei including the effect of black hole spins on the waveforms.