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Invited News & Views article in Nature [2014-08-07]
NAOC Researchers observed young star-forming cores with extremely high densities [2014-07-11]
The extreme Kerr black hole in Cygnus X-1 is confirmed [2014-07-04]
Nearest Bright 'Hypervelocity Star' Found with LAMOST [2014-06-13]
Binarity of F, G and K stars as a function of effective temperature and metallicity [2014-06-09]
PhD student at NAOC solves the Local Void problem in LCDM [2014-03-26]
NAOC Researchers Received the 2011 PRACE Award [2011-05-12]
Xuyi Schmidt Telescope Photometric Survey of the Galactic Anti-center successfully completed [2011-03-09]
Cosmic Magnifying Lenses Distorts the View of the Most Distant Galaxies [2011-01-14]
Professor Dough Lin's Comments on the search for other life [2010-12-31]
Simulations Suggest the Andromeda Galaxy as the Result of a Collision [2010-12-01]
A Space-and-ground Based Integrated Observational Network to be Built in China [2010-11-15]
Successfully modeling loop-top X-ray source and reconnection outflows in solar flares with intense lasers [2010-10-12]
Three-dimensional shape and evolution of eruptive filaments are reconstructed [2010-08-09]
KOSMA Submilimeter Telescope Being Disassembled in the Swiss Alps [2010-06-13]
"Physics Today" special report about (Astro)physics in China [2010-06-10]
The Seed Grant Endorsement by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on China's Participation in the Thirty Meter Telescope Project [2010-05-14]
Destiny of Hot Jupiters [2010-02-26]
LIA "Origins" news: Galaxy merger dominated the evolution of the Hubble sequence [2010-02-25]
NAOC attends Herschel/SPIRE Consortium Meeting as a Co-I Institute [2009-11-10]

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