Virtual Observatory
 The Virtual Observatory (VO) aims to provide a research environment that will open up new possibilities for scientific research based on data discovery, efficient data access, and interoperability. The vision is of global astronomy archives connected via the VO to form a multiwavelength digital sky that can be searched, visualized, and analyzed in new and innovative ways.


Chinese Virtual Observatory (China-VO) is the national VO project in China initiated in 2002 by Chinese astronomical community leading by National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences. China-VO became a member of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) in 2002.


The IVOA was formed in June 2002 with a mission to facilitate the international coordination and collaboration necessary for the development and deployment of the tools, systems and organizational structures necessary to enable the international utilization of astronomical archives as an integrated and interoperating virtual observatory.


Research and Development focuses for the China-VO include the following 5 fields:


     1.  China-VO Platform

     2.  Unified Access to worldwide Astronomical Resources and Services

     3.  VO-ready Projects and Facilities

     4.  VO-based Astronomical Research

     5.  VO-based Public Education





More information and latest events are available at the China-VO official website: