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Fruitful international collaborations have been well established between international astronomical communities and NAOC.  For example, the success of the Dome A Robotic Observatory is a joint effort of China, Australia and the US; a Sino-German 6cm polarization radio survey of the Galactic Plane is in the productive mission phase; an international laboratory was jointly launched between China and France to tackle the astrophysical origins of matter and life in the universe.

NAOC is committed to consolidate existing scientific and technical collaborations and initiate new high-level research partnerships (from individual to institution level).  Specific attention will be on, but is not limited to, key projects, such as collaborations on LAMOST survey, construction of large astronomical facilities (e.g. the successful startup of FAST), and possible collaborations on 30m class telescopes (e.g., GMT, TMT, and E-ELT).

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