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The First Chinese Thirty Meter Telescope Meeting (December 20-21, Beijing, China) [2009-12-10]
Helicity Thinkshop on Solar Physics (October 12-17,2009 Beijing, China) [2009-09-27]
Workshop on using the [α/Fe] abundance ratio as a tracer of formation and evolution of the Galaxy(Sept 28-30,2009 Beijing, China) [2009-09-27]
4th Sino-France Workshop "Origins" (Tongling, China, July 20-25, 2009) [2009-09-27]
Frontiers of Cosmology at Dome A Antarctica (July 18-23, Beijing/Suzhou,China) [2009-09-27]
LIA “Origins” Scientific Symposium (October 22, 2008, NAOC, Beijing) [2009-09-27]
NEWVISION400 (October 12-15,2008 Beijing,China) [2009-09-27]
The 6th International Conference on Atomic and Molecular Data and Their Applications(ICAMDATA)(October 28-31,2008 Beijing,China) [2009-09-27]
East Asia Young Astronomers Meeting 2008 (2008.7.27-8.1 Jiayuguan of Gansu,China) [2009-09-27]
Workshop on Science and Technology with Large Radio Telescope Bilateral Meeting of FAST/NAOC and NAIC/Cornell(2008.6.16-6.19 Beijing) [2009-09-27]
CHINA-US BILATERAL WORKSHOP ON ASTRONOMY (April 21-25,2008 Beijing,China) [2009-09-27]
The Art of Modelling Stars in the 21st Century (April 6-11,2008 Sanya,China) [2009-09-27]

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