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  • 07-13 China kicks off lunar sample study programs

    China on July 12 delivered about 17 grams of lunar samples brought back by the Chang'e-5 probe to 13 institutions, which had applied for research programs to the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of CNSA, as reported by Xinhua News Agency.

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  • 06-25 China's "eye of heaven" to open the eye of the world

    FAST announced that it would be open to the global scientific community. As of mid-May, more than 200 requests have been received so far, among which more than 30 came from abroad. All the submission will be evaluated by top experts in their respective domains to ensure that the approved ones are in line with astronomical frontiers. The chosen teams are expected to start using FAST in August this year, as reported by China Daily.

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  • 06-03 Chinese scientists use gigantic telescope to study solar wind

    With the help of FAST, Chinese scientists have made progress on the observation of interplanetary scintillation, a phenomenon that can be used to study space weather, as reported by Xinhua News Agency.

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  • 05-21 China's FAST discovers 201 pulsars

    FAST has discovered 201 pulsars, including some faint ones, in the Galactic Plane Pulsar Snapshot (GPPS) survey, as reported by China News Service.

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  • 05-08 More youths answer Xi's call in science

    President Xi Jinping called young people in a meeting in 2013 "the most dynamic and creative group of our society" and said that they should "stand at the forefront of innovation and creation". China's young people have wholeheartedly answered his call. A notable development since then has been that Chinese scientists in their 30s are the backbone of some of the country's greatest scientific and technological endeavors, as reported by China Daily.

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  • 04-27 Inauguration of the Joint Science Center for China Space Station Telescope at NAOC

    The Joint Science Center for China Space Station Telescope based at National Astronomical Observatories of Chinese Academy of Sciences was inaugurated on April 17, 2021.

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