Traveling Tips

Electricity Supply

The electricity supply in China is 220 volts 50Hz AC, which is fine for 220 or 240V equipment. If your gadgets require 110V, you will need a voltage adapter (transformer). Sockets are 'international' type. If you need a plug adapter, these can be bought locally.

Time Zone

The whole of China is on Beijing time - that is, 8 hours ahead of GMT (and therefore of London). There is no daylight savings time ('summer time'), so you may need to subtract 1 hour in the summer.

Car Rental and Taxi

The driving licenses issued by other countries are not valid in China. Those with the driving licenses issued in China can be allowed to rent cars and should follow the traffic rules of China while driving here.

The roof of all the taxi is capped with a symbol of "TAXI". The red light behind the glass window indicates that the taxi is ready for taking passenger. It is recommended that you call a taxi at the designated taxi station. The windows at both sides of the back seat of the taxi are glued with a price tag for the taxi.

The minimum charge for the first kind of the taxi is 10 yuan RMB and 1.20 yuan RMB per kilometer will be added onto it after driving 4 kilometer. There is a lot of such kind of cars.

The minimum charge for the second kind of taxi is also 10 yuan RMB and 1.60 yuan RMB per kilometer will be added onto it after driving3 kilometer.

The minimum charge for the third kind of the taxi is 10 yuan RMB. 2 yuan RMB per kilometer will be added onto it after driving3kilometer.. These taxis are rare.

If you take a taxi from 23:00-05:00, the meter will automatically add 20% more charges. In addition, the passengers are requested to pay the toll and parking fee if there is such a fe, and it may be difficult to call a taxi alongside the Chang'an Street.

While taking a taxi, you have the right to require the driver to use the mile meter and ask for the receipt of the payment. If you have any complaint, you can do it at the taxi management department.


United Family Health Care is an international hosptial and has direct billing agreement with many international insurance companies.

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics
#2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100016
Tel.: +86 (10) 5927-7000
For Emergencies: +86 (10) 5927-7120

There are also 29 advanced-level hospitals having special foreign clinics which have a high reputation among local foreigners.

China-Japan Friendship Hospital
Address: No A2, Cherry Road, Heping Street
Tel: 010-64221122

Beijing Tongren Hospital
Address: No 2, Chongwenmen Street (inner), Beijing
Tel: 010-65129911

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital
Address: No 8, Baijiazhuang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Tel: 010-85231000

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