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The University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) has admitted high-quality undergraduates since 2014, and aims to provide them with an exceptional education by combining the massive research strength of CAS with the thoughtful attention to individual students attained by the world’s best undergraduate institutions. The UCAS School of Astronomy and Space Science was founded in June 2015 by NAOC with the help of nine supporting institutes, its Dean being the director of NAOC. The School of Astronomy and Space Science already organises course teaching for roughly 150 graduate students, is preparing to teach the first cohort of third-year undergraduates, and is now selecting and admitting students who intend to graduate as astronomy majors. The School expects that 20 undergraduates will eventually graduate with astronomy majors each year. The School intends to develop well-rounded students with not only theoretical understanding but also creative imaginations and practical skills. The main Yanqihu campus will host a substantial teaching telescope and laboratories for building both optical and radio instruments.




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