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China Space Station Telescope is the largest optical space facility of China. It will focus on a broad range of astrophysical questions including cosmology, galaxies, the Milky Way and local group, stellar physics, exoplanets and solar system. CSST has a 2-meter aperture with field of view larger than 1.1 square degree. One of the most important instruments installed on CSST is the survey camera, which is composed of 30 9kx9k detectors. It can take photometry for 6-7 bands and slitless spectroscopy for 3 bands covering from 255 to 1000nm simultaneously.


CSST will conduct a 10-year survey covering 17500 square degree with limiting magnitude of about 26 mag in photometry and 23 mag in slitless spectroscopy. More than 3 PB raw images are expected to be transformed back. The final reduced images will reach ~20 PB after correcting instrumental effects, subtracting the background, and flux calibrated.


The responsibility of our group is to lead the development of three software including the data processing software, which can automatically and parallelly reduce and process this large amount of data, the observation planning software, which will be used to plan the observations of CSST, and the image simulation software, which can simulate CSST optical and instrumental effects and produce mock images. All three software are developed in corporation with other groups at NAOC and many other institutes.


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China Space Station Telescope (csst)

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