Lunar Exploration Program Ground Application System

The Lunar Exploration Program Ground Application System, one of the five systems associated with China's Lunar Exploration Program, develops and manages the capabilities for receiving data from lunar exploration satellites and coordinates operations when the payloads of these satellites are operating. This system also acts as a center for processing and managing data from the Lunar Exploration Program. Its main tasks include:

Formulating an exploration plan for satellite payloads during orbital operation;
Managing a satellite's payload during orbital operation;
Receiving, touch-down recording, and ground transport of exploration data;
Storing, backing-up, archiving, and publishing of scientific exploration data;
Processing, interpreting, application and research related to scientific exploration data;
Popularization of the lunar exploration science program.


The Ground Application System consists of the Ground Application System Headquarters and two data receiving ground stations which are the Beijing Miyun 50m antenna and Yunnan Kunming 40m antenna.






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