The Fifth China-Chile Bilateral Astronomy Science Meeting Held in Kunming

In order to promote the communication and collaboration between astronomical communities of China and Chile, the Fifth Chile-China Bi-lateral Astronomy Science Meeting,  sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Astronomical Observatories of CAS (NAOC),was held in Kunming during Jan. 23-26, 2019. The meeting was organized by the CAS South American Center for Astronomy (CASSACA), also known as China-Chile Joint Center for Astronomy, along with Yunnan Astronomical Observatory (YNAO).


CASSACA is one of the overseas projects initiated by CAS to develop cooperation in science and technology with foreign countries. In February 2013, CASSACA was inaugurated at NAOC, and its Santiago office was inaugurated in October 2013 at University of Chile. The Center serves as a platform for collaboration in astronomical research and related technologies between China and South America countries. The Center helps to build international scientific teams and joint programs engaging in frontier astronomy research. The China-Chile Astronomy Workshop is a major platform to strengthen communications in astronomical research between the two countries, and has been held alternately in Chile and China. It has been proven to be successful in the previous series meetings, prompting knowledge and information exchange between astronomers, and initiating collaborative projects and joint programs.


Around 70 participants attended this Meeting, including experts, young scientists and students, coming from more than 20 institutes of China, Chile, and other countries. Prof. Jiasheng Huang, Chief Scientist of CASSACA, and Prof. Jinming Bai, Director-General of YNAO, delivered their welcome as the hosts. Mr. Hui Sun, Director of Division of America and Oceanian Affairs of CAS Bureau of International Cooperation and Prof. Suijian Xue, Deputy Director-General of NAOC, addressed the meeting respectively. Dr. Wei Wang, Deputy Director of CASSACA, introduced the current status and future prospects of the Center. Prof. Patricio Rojo, Chairman of Astronomical Society of Chile (SOCHIAS) and other Chilean astronomers expressed high expectations for the Chile-China cooperation, and gave a lot of suggestions and comments. At this Meeting, directors or their representatives of nearly all major astronomical observatories/departments of China and Chile introduced the major research areas and current activities of their institutions, including detailed talks on recent research highlights. During the four-day workshop, astronomers from both countries communicated extensively and in-depth, reviewing the existing ties and finding opportunities for future collaborations. The bilateral meeting is recognized as an important catalyst for Chile-China astronomy communications, and a useful model for CAS to advance international cooperation. 



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