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The 3rd WorldWide Telescope Guided Tour Contest Concluded in Beijing [2017-06-14]
2nd Announcement for the IAU Symposium 323 [2016-06-24]
An Introduction to NOAO [2016-04-29]
Tracking the Evolution of Supernova 1987A and its Remnant [2016-04-21]
An Introduction to the Kodaikanal Digital Archive [2016-04-19]
The First RAA Excellent Paper Award Winner Visits NAOC [2016-03-17]
X-ray Properties of the Intracluster Medium [2016-01-04]
New Facilities Available for Astronomers [2015-11-05]
Fullerenes in Space [2015-11-02]
Observing Quasars as Probes of Dark Energy [2015-10-23]
2nd International Symposium on Frontiers in Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Sciences held in Guiyang [2015-09-18]
Probing Active Galactic Nuclei with Radio Techniques (May 21-25, 2015 in Yining, Xinjiang Province, China) [2015-02-13]
JCMT Workshop 2015 Held at NAOC [2015-02-06]
1st announcement on "East-Asia AGN Workshop 2015" (July 14-16, 2015, Changchun, China) [2015-01-29]
The Fourth Chile-China Astronomy Science Workshop held successfully in Guangzhou, Dec. 7-10, 2014 [2014-12-18]
Thirty-Meter Telescope in China: Scientific and Technological Frontiers [2014-11-11]
The Sino-French “LIA-ORIGINS” Workshop 2014 held in Beijing [2014-11-04]
The 4th Chile-China Astronomy Science workshop [2014-10-28]
IAU Symposium #312: Star Clusters and Black Holes in Galaxies across Cosmic Time (August 25-29, Beijing, China) [2014-08-15]
First Announcement of the 12th Sino-Russia Workshop of Space Weather [2014-07-11]

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