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Professional and Amateur Astronomical Observations above the Atacama Desert [2018-11-08]
On Astronomical Studies of the Space Weather Effects of Habitable Exoplanets and the Earth (NAOC colloquium 2018) [2018-01-16]
Fast Radio Bursts: The Story So Far (NAOC colloquium_No.39/2016) [2016-12-07]
Star formation: major results from the Herschel Space Observatory (NAOC colloquium_No.38/2016) [2016-11-30]
Testing General Relativity with CMB and LSS data (NAOC colloquium_No.37/2016) [2016-11-23]
Planting seeds for gravitational wave generators around active galactic nuclei: Analog of planetary systems around massive black holes(NAOC colloquium_No.36/2016) [2016-11-16]
Do Stars form by Gravitational Collapse? (NAOC colloquium_No.35/2016) [2016-11-09]
Turbulence and Magnetic Field in High-Beta Plasma of Intracluster Medium (NAOC colloquium_No.34/2016) [2016-10-27]
LIGO: A Laser Strainmeter for the Universe (NAOC colloquium_No.33/2016) [2016-10-26]
The Magellanic Stream: two ram-pressure tails and the relics of the collision between the Magellanic Clouds (NAOC colloquium_No.32/2016) [2016-10-20]
A Good Hard Look at Growing Supermassive Black Holes in the Distant Universe (NAOC colloquium_No.31/2016) [2016-10-19]
The Milky Way as a Laboratory for Galaxy Evolution (NAOC colloquium_No.30/2016) [2016-10-12]
The Breakthrough Initiatives: Life in the Universe (NAOC colloquium_No.29/2016) [2016-10-12]
NOAO Today and Tomorrow (NAOC colloquium_No.11/2016) (NAOC colloquium_No.28/2016) [2016-09-21]
太阳风湍流中的间歇和结构 (NAOC colloquium_No.27/2016) [2016-09-20]
Reverberation mapping of active galactic nuclei for black hole mass: current, future and applications (NAOC colloquium_No.26/2016) [2016-09-14]
NOAO Today and Tomorrow (NAOC colloquium_No.11/2016) (NAOC colloquium_No.25/2016) [2016-09-07]
The Chilean Center for Astrophysics and Associated Technologies (NAOC colloquium_No.24/2016) [2016-08-31]
Probing reionization with Lyman-alpha and 21cm emission/absorption (NAOC colloquium_No.23/2016) [2016-08-30]
Expansion History of the Primordial Universe (NAOC colloquium_No.22/2016) [2016-07-27]

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