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Deep Grief for the Death of Prof. Nan Rendong, the FAST Chief Scientist and Chief Engineer [2017-09-17]
Vice Premier Visits Ali Observatory [2017-08-21]
Astronomers make the largest map of the Universe yet [2017-05-22]
Chinese President Xi Jinping and Chilean President attend the Signing Ceremony of China-Chile Collaborations to develop Astronomical Observatories in Chile [2016-11-28]
Xi Commends Launch of World's Largest Radio Telescope in China [2016-09-26]
China Finishes Construction of World’s Largest Radio Telescope [2016-07-07]
NAOC Scholars Discovered the Details of the Magnetic Reconnection Process [2016-05-09]
The DRAGON globular cluster simulations: a million stars, black holes and gravitational waves [2016-03-24]
eBOSS Releases New Results: NAOC is Leading the Science Forecast Project [2016-02-28]
NAOC Researchers Participating in the Discovery of New Fast Radio Burst [2015-12-03]
Chinese Astronomers Shed New Light on Black Hole Emissions [2015-11-30]
Scientists at NAOC found hidden supermassive binary black holes in the nearest Quasar Markarian 231 [2015-09-01]
China Starts Assembling Largest Radio Telescope [2015-08-27]
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Chilean President attend the Signing Ceremony of China-Chile Joint Astronomical Data Center [2015-05-26]
Visit of CONICYT President to NAOC [2014-01-13]
China signs world-leading astronomical project [2013-07-29]
Xuyi Schmidt Telescope Photometric Survey of the Galactic Anti-center successfully completed [2011-03-09]
Cosmic Magnifying Lenses Distorts the View of the Most Distant Galaxies [2011-01-14]
Destiny of Hot Jupiters [2010-02-26]
Successfully modeling loop-top X-ray source and reconnection outflows in solar flares with intense lasers [2010-10-12]

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