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Recent Results on Circumbinary Planets (NAOC colloquium_No.21/2016) [2016-07-12]
Advanced Stellar Population Synthesis and its Application (NAOC colloquium_No.20/2016) [2016-07-06]
Applying Machine Learning for Gravitational-wave Burst Data Analysis (NAOC colloquium_No.19/2016) [2016-06-29]
Electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves (NAOC colloquium_No.18/2016) [2016-06-22]
The Dharma Planet Survey of Rocky Planets around Nearby Solar Type Stars (NAOC colloquium_No.17/2016) [2016-06-05]
Planets and Stellar Remnants in and out of Globular Clusters (NAOC colloquium_No.16/2016) [2016-06-08]
Pieces to the Puzzle of Galaxy Formation(NAOC colloquium_No.15/2016) [2016-05-25]
GW astrophysics:theory,simulation and observation (NAOC colloquium_No.14/2016) [2016-05-18]
Testing Einstein’s Equivalence Principle with Cosmic Transients (NAOC colloquium_No.13/2016) [2016-05-11]
Hunting for Cosmic Baryons (NAOC colloquium_No.12/2016) [2016-05-04]
NOAO Today and Tomorrow (NAOC colloquium_No.11/2016) [2016-04-27]
Supernova 1987A(NAOC colloquium_No.10/2016) [2016-04-20]
Cosmological Measurements from Galaxy Clustering(NAOC colloquium_No.09/2016) [2016-04-12]
Solar flares and energetic particles(NAOC colloquium_No.08/2016) [2016-04-06]
EM Counterparts of Gravitational Wave events: Challenges and Chances (NAOC colloquium_No.07/2016) [2016-03-30]
Reverse Engineering Galaxies in the Big Data Era (NAOC colloquium_No.06/2016) [2016-03-16]
Exploring collider physics through gravitational wave surveys at early universe(NAOC colloquium_No.05/2016) [2016-03-09]
引力波探测: 历史、现状和未来(NAOC colloquium_No.04/2016) [2016-02-29]
Machines of Loving Grace: will the Robots and AIs we are creating be our slaves, Masters or Partners?(NAOC colloquium_No.03/2016) [2016-01-19]
Dark Energy: constant or time variable? (NAOC colloquium_No.02/2016) [2016-01-13]

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