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Revealing the mysteries behind galaxy formation feedback using Bayesian computation and back-of-envelope calculation (NAOC colloquium_No.21/2015) [2015-06-24]
An X-ray View of the Galactic Center: An Observer's Collection of Unresolved Problems (NAOC colloquium_No.20/2015) [2015-06-17]
Black Hole Spin and Relativistic Jets (NAOC colloquium_No.19/2015) [2015-06-10]
Observing gravitational waves with Advanced detectors (NAOC colloquium_No.18/2015) [2015-06-03]
The statistical applications on the galaxies and AGNs in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (NAOC colloquium_No.17/2015) [2015-05-27]
Cosmic Evolution---Nine Billion Years in 60 Minutes (NAOC colloquium_No.16/2015) [2015-05-20]
The Magnetic Nature of Our Sun (NAOC colloquium_No.15/2015) [2015-05-13]
MHD Waves in Coronal Holes and Coronal Seismolgy (NAOC colloquium_No.14/2015) [2015-05-06]
The development of radio astronomy (NAOC colloquium_No.13/2015) [2015-04-29]
The dust production by evolved stars in the Magellanic Clouds (NAOC colloquium_No.12/2015) [2015-04-22]
The FunnelWeb survey with the TAIPAN spectrograph: complementing LAMOST for bright stars in the Southern hemisphere (NAOC colloquium_No.11/2015) [2015-04-15]
免疫系统的是与非 (Public talk in Chinese) (NAOC colloquium_No.10/2015) [2015-04-08]
CCAT: A wide-field submillimeter telescope at an exceptional site (NAOC colloquium_No.09/2015) [2015-04-01]
Developing a New International Training Program for the Thirty Meter Telescope (NAOC colloquium_No.08/2015) [2015-03-25]
Understanding the inner structure of quasars: from phenomenology to reverberation mapping (NAOC colloquium_No.07/2015) [2015-03-18]
General Polytropic Dynamic Collapses/Outflows under Self-gravity: from Hypermassive Black Holes to Brown Dwarfs and Gaseous Planets (NAOC colloquium_No.06/2015) [2015-03-11]
Discovering an Ultra-luminous Quasar with Most Massive Black Hole in the Distant Universe (NAOC colloquium_No.05/2015) [2015-02-04]
Coexistence of cosmological constant and holographic dark energy (NAOC colloquium_No.04/2015) [2015-01-28]
The Orion Nebula: Implications for the Obscuring Torus in AGN (NAOC colloquium_No.03/2015) [2015-01-22]
Architecture and Timing of Planetary Systems (NAOC colloquium_No.02/2015) [2015-01-14]

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