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Prof. Zhao is a scientist in astronomy and astrophysics, covering a wide range of fields of stellar spectra, element abundances, stellar nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution of Galaxy, laboratory as...

Jinxin Hao

Born in January 1965, Prof. Jinxin Hao is Deputy Director of NAOC.

Chunlai Li

Born in January 1965, Prof. Chunlai Li is Deputy Director of NAOC; Director of Lunar and Deep Space Exploration Division; Vice president of lunar and deep space exploration division, Chinese Academ...

Suijian Xue

Born in September 14, 1964, Professor Dr. XUE Suijian received his BS degree in astronomy from Nanjing University in 1987 and a PhD degree in astrophysics from University of Science and Technology ...

Shuo Shi

Born in Febuary 1972, Prof. Shuo Shi is the Commission for Discipline Inspection of NAOC.

Jifeng Liu

Deputy Director-General of NAOC, deputy chair for the School of Astronomy and Space Sciences at UCAS.

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