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Orbital correlation of space objects based on orbital elements [2016-02-29]
A magnetic model for low/hard state of black hole binaries [2016-02-29]
Small glitches: the role of strange nuggets? [2016-02-29]
GalevNB: a conversion from N-body simulations to observations [2016-02-29]
Performance analysis of parallel gravitational N-body codes on large GPU clusters [2015-12-31]
Global Mg/Si and Al/Si Distributions on the Lunar Surface Derived from Chang’E-2 X-ray Spectrometer [2015-12-31]
OO Aquilae: a solar-type contact binary with intrinsic light curve changes [2015-12-31]
Progenitor model of cosmic ray knee [2015-12-31]
Non-ballistic motion and precessing helical trajectory in quasar NRAO 150 [2015-12-31]
Solar flares with similar soft but different hard X-ray emissions: case and statistical studies [2015-12-31]
Thirty Meter Telescope Detailed Science Case: 2015 [2015-11-30]
3D cluster members and near-infrared distance of open cluster NGC 6819 [2015-11-30]
Grids of stellar models including second harmonic and colors: solar composition (Z = 0.0172, X = 0.7024) [2015-11-30]
SDSS J012119.10–001949.9: a very short period M dwarf contact binary from SDSS stripe 82 [2015-11-30]
Pulsed γ-ray properties of Crab pulsar in a retarded dipole with a current-induced magnetic field [2015-11-30]
Dynamics of an ensemble of clumps embedded in a magnetized ADAF [2015-11-30]
Is the X-ray pulsating companion of HD 49798 a possible type Ia supernova progenitor? [2015-10-27]
Laboratory verification of the Active Particle-induced X-ray Spectrometer (APXS) on the Chang’e-3 mission [2015-10-27]
SN 1054: A pulsar-powered supernova? [2015-10-27]
Panoramic camera on the Yutu lunar rover of the Chang’e-3 mission [2015-10-27]

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